(点击上方重视键盘侠,得悉更多风趣资讯。)[Post Game Thread] Golden State Warriors (5-7) come back to defeat Cleveland Cavaliers (8-4) by 106 – 101[赛后贴] 金州勇士(5胜7负)106-101打败克利夫兰骑士 (8胜4负)两边要害球员数据:勇士(5-7):库里40分4板5助、维金斯20分6板2断、普尔18分4板3助、D-格林2分9板13助、克莱9分5板、A-兰姆10分4板骑士(8-4):米切尔29分10板9助、小莫布里20分13板4助、加兰15分3板8助2断、阿伦13分9板、勒韦尔11分2板、乐福9分7板[–]Timberwolvescoolycooly 180 points 2 hours agoThis is a misleading title it was Steph Curry vs Refs森林狼球迷:标题必须得换,什么骑勇大战,清楚便是——库里单挑裁判![–]Armedinar 561 points an hour ago*It cannot be overstated how DOGSHIT the refs were tonight球迷:今日这裁判纯粹是狗屎他妈给狗屎开门——狗屎到家了,怎样骂都不解气![–][DAL] Jose CalderonMrVincent17 176 points 2 hours agoI just kissed my grandma and got called for a personal foul独行侠球迷:我刚刚亲了一下我的奶奶,就听到裁判吹我犯规![–]Timberwolvescoolycooly 132 points 2 hours agoA ref clearly had money on this game you don’t call that many egregiously bad fouls against one team. It doesnt matter though because everyone is going to forget about this game in two days and the refs will keep calling games.森林狼球迷:裁判肯定赌球了,要不然怎样能逮住一支球队往死里薅,说不通啊。不过也不打紧,过两天谁还会记住这场竞赛,人家几个裁判仍是该上班上班,屁事没有[–]WarriorsLiverpoolPlastic 228 points an hour agoFIX YOUR MOTHERFUCKING LEAGUE ADAM SILVER勇士球迷:亚当-萧华,看看联盟这帮人成什么鸟样了,干点正事吧![–][CHI] Tony Snelljor301 119 points an hour agoThat delay of game penalty made me audibly laugh out of pure confusion公牛球迷:吹罚格林延误竞赛那一下真是给爷整笑了,彻底让人摸不着头脑[–]rbrutonIII 54 points an hour agoI am 100% convinced The ref had his whistle already in his mouth for a foul he was going to call but the basket went in before he could blow it. So as soon as he saw it touch Dray…球迷:我百分百坚信裁判那时分早早就叼好哨子,预备吹犯规了,成果球进太快,他没来得及吹。正懊悔间,忽然看见球碰到了追梦……哔[–]TheRed_Knight 187 points an hour ago*Warriors didnt shoot a FT in the 4th until intentional FT’s at the end, and their last FT’s came at the 10 minute mark of the 3rd quarter, Cavs were 18-0 from the FT line in that time球迷;第四节,勇士直到最终时间对手成心犯规才有时机站上罚球线,而之前的一个罚球仍是第三节还有10分钟的时分,这段时间里,骑士和勇士的罚球次数为18-0[–]Cavaliersconstantvariables 213 points an hour agoLike I’m not even that mad that we lost because I definitely wouldn’t have been happy if we won. I like watching teams overcome shit ref jobs even if it’s the team I hate most in the world.骑士球迷:最终咱们输球了,可我却不感到气愤,由于这球就算赢了,也不露脸,快乐不起来。我喜爱看到有球队能顶着黑哨绝地翻盘,即使这支球队是我在这个国际上最憎恶的球队![–]rbrutonIII 27 points an hour agoWe love seeing our team win, but we love watching someone fuck over the man in charge even more骑士球迷:咱们当然期望主队取胜,但咱们更爱看到遭受不公待遇的人干翻威望[–]HeatMySilverBurrito 381 points an hour agoWhat the actual fuck was that fourth quarter lol. Athmosphere got you thinking this was game 7 2016 playoffs.9th 30+ pt game for Curry in 12 games. Other guys gotta help Steph out or else dude would be exhausted by January.热火球迷:第四节打得真是跌宕起伏,这股玩命的劲头让人感觉是回到2016年赛季的抢七大战。库里12场竞赛里第9次得分30+了,其他人得站出来帮帮他啊,这么搞到不了一月库里就得累屁了。[–]ROPisagoodseries 115 points an hour agoWiggins is help球迷:维金斯帮助了[–]WarriorsMostlyBullshitStory 152 points 2 hours agoYeah, something is up with Klay. Couldn’t even catch the ball a couple of times.勇士球迷:克莱的确是出问题了,有几回连球都接不住了![–]SuqonMuhdeek 136 points 2 hours agoHe’s like the anti-westbrook … Russ can be great all game and then dribbles off his foot or air balls a three or some shit when the game’s on the line. Klay can be shit all game, but clutch when it’s winning time.球迷:克莱现在就像是反向版的威少……威少或许一整场都打得不错,可一到要害时分就失误、三不沾或许头脑发热整出幺蛾子,而克莱或许一整场都菜得一逼,可到了要害时间,却能一击丧命[–]reddev87 237 points an hour agoSteph is unreal. Just not human, proof we’re living in a simulation.Also, refs gonna have some explaining to do to Vegas why they couldn’t make the spread球迷:库里太假了,彻底不是人类,这证明咱们绝逼是生活在一个模仿国际中。还有,这场的裁判没把活儿办利索,少不了去拉斯维加斯给上面的人一个告知Last 5 minutes of the game for Warriors:Steph 2 ptsSteph 3 ptsDray 2 pts (Steph assists)Klay 3 pts (Dray assists)Steph 3 pts (Dray assists)Steph 2 pts (Looney assists)Steph 3 ptsSteph FTSteph FTKlay FTThere may be a time when others on the team step up and Steph doesn’t have to carry every night, but right now is not it.Oh and shout out to Wiggins for clocking in his 20 for the night (17 + inflation).勇士球迷:勇士最终五分钟的得分:库里 2分库里 3分追梦 2分(库里助攻)克莱 3分(追梦助攻)库里 3 分(追梦助攻)库里 2 分(卢尼助攻)库里 3 分库里 罚球库里 罚球克莱 罚球或许有一段时间,勇士是有其他人能够站出来帮库里顶一阵,不需要库里场场Carry,但眼下的确便是在靠库里一柱擎天。还要赞许下嘴哥,砍下20分(17分+通货膨胀)。[–]Thunderloosechange-71 149 points 2 hours agoSkyfucker雷霆球迷:“日天”来了[–]TheRed_Knight 42 points an hour agoIn a 5v8 game thats whats required球迷:一场五打八的竞赛,日天不在,便是惨败![–]Pacersnoobnoobthedestroyer 19 points an hour agoNeed to know the origins on this步行者球迷:话说“日天”这名有啥典故?[–]slacktard 34 points an hour agohis best nick name. It was bestowed by his Chinese fans if I remember right.球迷:库里最好的昵称!没记错的话,是我国球迷给起的。[–][CHI] Cameron PayneSim888 191 points 3 hours agoJust Steph eyeballin the Cavs bench while the balls in the air lol公牛球迷:球在空中未入框,不慌。审视骑士众生相,放肆![–]Trail Blazers33cii2n 251 points 3 hours agoOnly Curry can do this type of things开拓者球迷:也就库里能够这样装13[–]Kinoxciv 1046 points 2 hours ago33+ PPG70% TSWat球迷:赛季场均33+分,实在命中率70%。难以想象![–]Warriorsnyy5 668 points 2 hours ago34 YEARS YOUNG BABY勇士球迷:这便是34岁的小学生![–]Pacersnoobnoobthedestroyer 200 points an hour agoWould be insane if he won MVP or scoring title at 34步行者球迷:34岁赢下MVP或许得分王,是不是有少许张狂?[–]staymelooo 167 points 2 hours agoBest player in the world. Y’all can have Giannis and Luka, I’m taking 30 every single time球迷:当今日下,库里最佳!你夸你的字母哥,他赞他的胖卢卡,让我再选一万次,库里也不居人下[–]Warriorsbball2 213 points 2 hours agoIf Steph Curry has a million fans, then I am one of them. If Steph Curry has ten fans, then I am one of them. If Steph Curry has only one fan then that is me. If Steph Curry has no fans, then that means I am no longer on earth. If the world is against Steph Curry, then I am against the world.勇士球迷:假如库里有一百万个球迷,我便是百万分之一。假如库里有十个球迷,我便是十分之一。假如库里只要一个球迷,我便是那个一。假如库里没有球迷了,那就意味着我现已死了。假如整个国际都与库里为敌,那我就与整个国际势不两立!来历:Reddit编译:语次无伦 \n\n\n\n\t\n\t\n\n\t美帝键盘侠

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