Landscape South Brazil

André Krebs partner at Landscape Sul

We are a company specializing in exterior design projects with a focus on landscaping in southern Brazil.

The experience in Brazilian south-east market, due to various works in partnership with Landscape partners, Claudio and Suzi, combined with the familiarity and the cultural understanding of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, gives Landscape Sul the expertise to recreate the native ‘gaucho’ soul in all personal and professional landscaping spaces.

Landscape Vietnam

Daniel Alonso & Pedro Pedalino

We put at your service our international team of experts and innovative professionals in the core of vibrant Vietnam.

After more than 30 years of experience in developing landscape projects in Brazil since 2014 our partners, who have deep knowledge of the asian culture, are developing landscape projects also in Asia. And we all share the same target: to provide a unique exterior experience .