How we create the concept

1. establishing connections

  • We meet up with clients to evaluate their expectations.
  • We join the authors of the architectural project, seeking their considerations.
  • We gather additional information on site to be reviewed and discussed at the office.

2. creating a concept

  • The Landscape team comes together to discuss the information and consider the various criteria, thus creating the concept that aims to propose: design, innovation and above all, enchantment.
  • The team then meets with the client to present and discuss the concept. After that, the clients participate actively in the solutions presented, approve and suggest modifications, including consideration of the amount to be invested.

3. feasibility

  • Once the conceptual design is approved, Landscape turns this into technical information, including full project implementation, which contains the indications of civil works and the positioning and placing of the various plant species.
  • Landscape provides a commercial proposal for monitoring the exterior architectural work and for implementing the Garden Design.